After decades of providing Outdoor Comfort Systems to hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping centers, golf courses and pretty much anywhere that high temperatures chase people inside, MistAmerica is now giving you the chance to take our coolness home, so you can enjoy your great outdoors.

The MiniCool™ is our brand-new Outdoor Comfort System that features a smaller version of our Mist360™ Breeze that is perfect for any home patio, easily replacing an old ceiling fan or inefficient line-mist system, which really only cools the outside of the patio, instead of the interior where you’re sitting.


Increase your visibility and revenue with an eye-catching patio that is open year round. Transform your patio into a true destination with the unique Alfresco365™ cantilevered umbrella. Centered under the canopy is our Mist360™ outdoor cooling system which provides unparalleled cooling regardless of humidity levels. Imagine keeping your customers cool all summer – and warm all winter with optional heaters. The Alfresco365™ umbrella will truly set you apart from your competition and help pack your patio with customers all year long.

Choose from 38 fabric colors and 21 powder-coating colors to complement your décor.

  • Integrated cooling and/or heating
  • Durable aluminum frames are power-coated and come with a five-year warranty 
  • The PVC-coated fire-retardant fabric is sun and water-resistant, also carrying a five-year warranty
  • The Alfresco365™ is rated for winds up to 75 mph (120kph) while open
  • Comes in square, hexagon and rectangular shapes up to 18-feet
  • Options include speakers, lighting and customized with your logo

Mist360™ Breeze

The Mist360™ Breeze provides a 10′ – 15′ (3m – 4.5m) diameter cooling zone and is perfect for mounting over a table.

  • Broadcasts cool air 360-degrees
  • Mounts to ceiling with standard ceiling fan mounts
  • Three distinct styles for effective cooling in any situation
  • Cantilever and pole-mounts available

The Mist360™ Breeze comes standard in black, but can be upgraded to include an LED downlight, a backlight with your company logo or decorative pattern, custom color or a full-color banded wrap.

Mist360™ Max

The Mist360™ Max has a 20′ – 40′ (6m – 12m) diameter cooling zone and is best suited for cooling large walkways or warehouse space.

  • Broadcasts cool air 360-degrees
  • Mounts to ceiling with standard ceiling fan mounts
  • Three distinct styles for effective cooling in any situation
  • Cantilever and pole-mounts available

The Mist360™ Classic comes standard in black, but can be upgraded to include an LED downlight, a backlight with your company logo or decorative pattern, custom color or a full-color banded wrap.

360 Branding™

You already know how a MistAmerica Outdoor Comfort System can help you keep patrons and customers cool and your outdoor space usable all year ‘round. But did you know that your 360 Branding™ mist can also be customized with your brand, or that of a major supplier?

MA Mist Fans™

MA Mist Fans™ are a practical outdoor comfort solution for patios, decks or other open outdoor areas that require a direct airflow cooling solution. MA Mist Fans™ are perfect for:

  • Smaller, narrow patio areas
  • Arenas and barns
  • Restaurants and resorts
  • Tennis and volleyball courts
  • Pool areas
  • Open decks
  • Golf course cool zones
  • Spectator areas
  • Waiting areas or queue lines

If you have an open area with no ceiling support,
a MA Mist Fan™ may be the outdoor
comfort solution for you!

MA Rubies™

The Ultimate Misting Nozzle

Misting nozzles are the single most important component of a quality misting system. MistAmerica MA Rubies™ come in 4 different orifice sizes, producing the proper amount of mist to match any environment. Each size features a durable, long-lasting ruby orifice that will not expand over time, making it a far superior nozzle compared to lesser brass or steel orifice nozzles.

Just a few reasons why our MA Ruby Nozzles are unique

  • Last longer than more common steel or brass orifices
    • Eliminate orifice “burrs” for a more uniform mist
    • Built-in filter helps eliminates clogging
    • Check valve stops drips and “whistles”
    • Fully cleanable, saves money on replacement nozzles
    • Patented design
    • Available in brass, nickel-plated brass, and stainless steel
    • 4 color-coded orifice sizes vary mist quantity flow to maximize system efficiency

Not All Nozzles Are Created Equal!

Here’s why…

Custom ruby-orifice nozzles last longer and emit a smooth, clean mist pattern. 

They come in a variety of styles and orifice sizes.


.012″ orifice


.008″ orifice


.006″ orifice


.004″ orifice


Pioneers in outdoor cooling for over two decades, MistAmerica has the products, people and knowledge to ensure foolproof and effective outdoor misting comfort for both homes and businesses—for any budget.

  • Broadcast a cooling mist in all directions, 360-degrees
  • 4 distinct styles for effective cooling in any situation
  • MARubies—patented technology creates 100% Flash Evaporation
  • Mounts to ceiling with standard fan mounts
  • Cantilever and pole-mounts available
  • Can be customized with your colors and logo

The Mist360 line of broadcast misters is perfect for any environment


Patios  *  Decks   *  Pool area   *  Barbecue areas  *  Walkways  *  Ramadas
*  Cabanas   *  Outdoor work or play areas


A MistAmerica high-pressure misting system is free from drips, mineral build-up and those “bad hair days” that come from lesser-quality systems. 


Operating at 1,000 PSI/70 bar, water is filtered with the optional RO (Reverse Osmosis) system and then delivered through type 316L stainless steel line by a quiet, high-pressure misting pump. Our aesthetically pleasing, powder-coated mist lines have a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-lasting usage, year after year.


When you envelop your home or business environment in fog, you create areas that are constantly changing and aesthetically pleasing. PoolFog™ from MistAmerica creates its own “microclimate,” as well as a mesmerizing look and feel that is both dynamic and imaginative.

When combined with various lighting arrangements, PoolFog™ can also be used to simulate an erupting volcano, smoke, fire, and other custom property enhancements. Wherever it’s to augment a pool, water feature, or landscape, PoolFog™ by MistAmerica will delight your friends and guests.

MA Heat™

Whether its dinner on the terrace or cocktails under the stars, now there’s an eco-friendly way to turn up the ambience with our sleek Radiant Heaters. These low-profile electric heaters coordinate with many décor styles, while offering silent operation and superior performance. Our Radiant Heaters are up to 75% more cost efficient than gas, are UL – listed for outdoor and indoor use, and are both easy and inexpensive to operate. MistAMERICA™ offers a wide selection of heater options for optimum comfort in any outdoor area—from attractive electric heaters to many styles of propane/natural gas heaters. Our heaters are ideal for use in Fine Homes, Restaurants, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Industrial Warehouses and more.

  • Commercial Grade
  • Powder-coated aluminum body with mounting brackets, stainless accessories
  • Indoor or outdoor-rated for wet or dry conditions
  • Rain and snow resistant
  • Modular design for engineered heat loads
  • 92% energy conversion with no CO2 or NOx emissions

MA CoolBana™

Yes, we do know cabanas.

Make cabanas much more rentable with MistAmerica’s custom misting solutions. Each cabana can be operated independently so that the guest has complete control of his or her cooling system.

Additionally, MistAmerica offers cabana products—which can be integrated with mist and heat.

Keep guests cool and ensure your cabanas get rented with a MistAmerica cabana-cooling solution.

Parts & Accessories

MistAMERICA offers a complete line of replacement parts and accessories for your misting system—from nozzles to pumps & filters, and everything in between.  Most items are in stock for your convenience.