MistAmerica Is Thrilled to Announce the Addition of the Mist360™ Swivel to Its Signature Mist360™ Product Line

MistAmerica, a multi-award-winning innovator in outdoor cooling, shade and heating solutions is adding the Mist360™ Swivel to the Mist360™ family of outdoor cooling units.

Del Frisco's in Phoenix Has the Coolest Patio in Town….Literally

MistAMERICA, a multi-award winning innovator in outdoor cooling, shade and heating solutions has just completed renovations to the patio of Del Frisco’s Grille, one of its first jobs in the Phoenix area.

Pete preaches about the benefits of a MistAmerica Outdoor Comfort System.

Outdoor living is popular everywhere, but Arizona homeowners do it best. We’re experts at turning our backyards into a second “living room/kitchen/family room” we can use almost all year.

Ruby nozzles make a big difference.

Benefits of Upgrading to Ruby Nozzels when purchasing a mist system. At MistAmerica we highly recommend upgrading to ruby orifice nozzles when purchasing a mist system.

Cabanas are the leading cause of Ka-ching!

If your hospitality business depends largely on beach or poolside service, you know how important it is to invest in high-quality cabanas to protect guests from the wind, rain and harsh sun rays while they are being catered to.