Business Solutions

MistAmerica Keeps Temperatures Down and Productivity Up

For over 20 years, MistAmerica has made a big difference in the bottom line of businesses from restaurants and hotels to recreational and entertainment complexes. Check out some of our cooling system business solutions below.


Our patented cooling system allows your patrons to enjoy being outdoors, even on the hottest days.

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Theme Parks

Ensure your park is safe from
heat-related illness and stress by contacting us for a free evaluation.

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Hotels & Resorts

You can enhance your guest’s experience with our Mist360™ outdoor cooling technology.

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Golf Courses & Ranges

Our Mist360™ Outdoor Comfort System turns any patio, bag drop area or driving range into a cool oasis.

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Warehouse & Industrial

Our Mist360™ technology allows you to keep your employees cool
and productive.

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