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MistAmerica was born in 1994 and quickly became a key player in the outdoor cooling industry by continually improving the quality and functionality of our misting systems and fog effects. MistAmerica was also the first company to introduce type 316L stainless steel tubing, which has now become the industry standard. Since then, we have continued to strive for innovative new solutions, including: the Ruby-orifice nozzle, the Mist360 overhead cooling line, reverse osmosis systems specifically designed for our misting systems, and our latest creation – the Alfresco365, which combines our Mist360, radiant heat, and high quality umbrella shade for year ‘round comfort for our exclusive clientele, which include top hotels, restaurants and resorts throughout the world.

The great outdoors is where we prefer to relax, entertain, dine, and recharge. Unfortunately, we’re forced inside when it becomes too hot or too cold. Imagine the refreshing feel of a cooling mist on a hot summer’s day or the toasty feel of radiant warmth on a chilly night. At MistAmerica, we can help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long.