At MistAmerica we highly recommend upgrading to ruby orifice nozzles when purchasing a mist system.

Why do we recommend the upgrade? Investing in ruby nozzles will ensure optimal performance of your mist system from the very start. Ruby nozzles last longer than standard mist nozzles and are more cost-effective.

Ruby orifice nozzles are MistAmerica’s nozzle of choice and here is why:

  • Ruby nozzles last longer than traditional stainless steel orifices
  • The ruby nozzle orifice will not ‘grow’ over time, therefore the mist quality stays consistent
  • Ruby nozzles produces a ‘drier’ mist
  • Ruby nozzles have a built-in filter that keeps the nozzle from clogging
  • Ruby nozzles are cleanable; therefore you save money on replacement nozzles.

Ask about upgrading to ruby orifice nozzles today!

MistAmerica also offers a ‘Ruby Nozzle Protection Service’ to protect ruby orifice nozzles from freeze damage during the winter months and to ensure optimal performance for the life of your system.

What is MistAmerica’s ‘Ruby Nozzle Protection Service’?

MistAmerica’s ‘Ruby Nozzle Protection Service’ protects ruby nozzles from irreversible freeze damage. Each fall, one of MistAmerica’s experienced service technicians will remove the ruby nozzles from your mist system and replace them with plugs. The nozzles will then be brought back to MistAmerica for a thorough cleaning and will be stored safely until they are re-installed the following spring.